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Rev Richard Blewett Edwards (or Edwardes) I

(Richard Edwardes WikipediA)
Richard's Father: William Thomas Edwards or Henry VIII
(Edwardes Plays)
         "Palamon and Arcite WikipediA"
         "Damon and Pythias WikipediA"
         "Damon and Pythias 1914 Movie"
         "Damon and Pythias 1962 Movie"
(A couple of Edwards Ten Poems)
        Amantium Irae)
        Ten Tall Oak Trees
(Edwards Music)
         "O the syllye man,", "In goinge to my naked bedde",
         "When grypinge griefes." and
         "Awake, ye woeful wights,"



Father: William Thomas Edwards 1500 to 1576 or Henry VIII (See)
Mother: Agnes Edwards (born Blewett) 1509 to 1575

Born: on March 25, 1525 in North Petherton Parish, Somerset County, England
Christening: on March 1524/1525  North Petherton Parish, Somerset County, England

Enrolled: into Oxford, Oxfordshire, England in May 11, 1540

Married: Margaret Babb (1547 to 1561) on April 22, 1560 in North Petherton, Bridgwater, Somerset, England
                Helen Griffith in 1562 in North Petherton, Somerset County, England

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Died: on October 31, 1566 in Edwards Hall, Cardiff, Glamorganshire County, Wales

Child of Margaret Babb:


William Edwards 1561 to ?

Children of Helen Griffith: Marie Edwards 1562 to ?
Gwen Edwards 1563 to 1603
Elizabeth Hunt (born Edwards) 1564 to 1604
John Edwards 1565 to 1604
Richard Edwards II 1566 to 1635 *