John C. Donovan US Federal 1930 Census


On Line No 4 John C. Donovan, No 5 Phoebe A. Donovan No 6 Elizabeth A. Donovan, No 7 William B. Donovan,
No 8 Franey M. Donovan, No 9 Mable F. Donovan, No 10 George E. Donovan, No 11 Grace E. Donovan

Index No John Phoebe Elizabeth William Franey Mable Geroge Grace
1 Name of Street 130 Street              
2 House Number 130 04              
3 Visitation Number 136              
4 No of Family 172              
5 Name Donovan John C. " Phoebe A. " Elizabeth A. " William B. Franey M. Mable F. George E. Grace E.
6 Relationship to Head of family Head Mother Sister Brother Brother Sister Brother Sister
7 Home owned or rented Owne              
8 House Value 6,000              
9 Radio Set R              
10 Live on Farm No              
11 Sex M F F M M F M F
12 Color W W W W W W W W
13 Age 38 57 33 31 28 26 20 20
14 Is the person single, Married or divorced S WD S S S S S S
15 Age at first marrage                
16 Attend School this year No No No No No No Yes Yes
17 Can person read and right Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
18 Place of birth Canada Canada Canada New York New York New York New York New York
19 Place of fathers birth Canada Ireland Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada
20 Place of Mothers birth Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada
21 Language before US English English English          
22 Years in US 1898 1898 1898          
23 Naturalized or alien Naturalized Alien Alien          
24 English or other Yes              
25 Profession Lawyer None None Taxi Driver Pressman Nurse None None
26 Profession Nature Law     Taxi Priuter Regular Nurse    
27 Class of work 5x94     398V 9949 5594    
28 Person at work O     W W W    
29 Record line number of unemployed       13   14    
30 Veteran of US Yes     No        
31 Which War W.W.              
32 Farm Number